China shipping and Logistics: Shipping your products from the factory floor to your doorstep can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you don’t understand shipping methods, codes and terminology.  There are various hoops to jump through such as customs clearance, tax, insurance, duty, import permits and quarantine to name a few.  With worldwide shipping partners, MyShipper can work out the most cost effective shipping method for your goods, take care of all the paperwork, tax, insurance and ship directly to door.


Factories will often quote you freight prices which don’t include all the additional costs at your end. This can come as a surprise when you add the cost of shipping from China, customs clearance, port handling, land freight and taxes. Prices for shipping change regularly and can also depend on the size of your order, the supplier’s location and the delivery destination. Depending on the size or deadline of your order, MyShipper can work out the most cost effective shipping method.


Also known as FCL, Full Container Load means that one customer books one or more full shipping containers. As the smallest standard marine container can fit around 33 cubic meters of cargo or 28 metric tons, you might consider booking part of a container if your shipment is considerably less than this. This is known as LCL.


shutterstock_72743287Less than container load or LCL shipping enables you to book a part of a container and only pay for the space that you need per cubic meter. This means that your cargo will go into a container along with other small consignments of a similar trade and the cost of shipping is based on the amount of space your order takes up in the container.


shutterstock_72743287Airfreight is the quickest shipping method and can ensure that products or samples arrive within as little as 3-5 days, depending on your location. Airfreight is usually the best option for small consignments such as samples, to quicken the sourcing process and also in the event that we need to get product to our clients in the shortest time possible. Speak to a member of the team to find out which shipping method would be most effective for you.



We can make sure that all the shipping costs of your goods reflect all the charges levied on the shipment until they reach your door.

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You may end be given freight costs which don’t reflect the true cost and you will be landed with a bill much higher than expected.


We work out the most cost effective shipping method based on your the size and deadline of your order from door to door.

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If you aren’t familiar with shipping freight, you end up paying more for shipping and it could take longer to reach it’s destination.


We take care of all the paperwork, customs clearances, tax and ensure your goods are delivered to the final destination.

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If you are unfamiliar with the shipping process you may end up with incorrect paperwork, which could delay or quarantine your shipment.

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