The most common problem when buying from overseas is the quality of the products can never be certain and not even the price can be a good indicator.  It is therefore vital that the quality control process starts the moment you choose a supplier to prevent problems occurring during the manufacturing process.


There are many reasons why quality control is so important when ordering product from China.  This is why many big businesses will use sourcing companies with staff on the ground who can oversee quality control, to ensure they receive the product they ordered.  It’s important to understand that China produces products for markets around the world and not all countries expect high standards of quality.  Therefore manufacturers are very good at cutting corners or using cheaper materials to meet the low prices advertised by trading companies through online directories.  This is why going for the cheapest price you see online can cost you more in the long run, because manufacturers can definitely meet your price target, but that doesn’t mean they can meet the quality you expect.  MyShipper has a 3 step quality control process, where we inspect manufacturers materials and production lines in person.  We inspect your products during manufacturing process and again before they are dispatched from the factory floor.  During these quality control inspections, our staff will send you photos of your products being made and can spot problems before they occur.  Quality control ensures that the product you receive is to your specification and expectation, if you fail to carry out any sort of quality control then you are gambling with your investment.


Having production samples gives you a benchmark for which the quality of your mass produced products must be equal to. When you approve the quality of a sample,  the specifications of this should be outlined to the manufacturer in writing. Having a sample also enables you to compare the quality of every batch that comes off the production line as the first product should be equal to the last.  However, you can only do this by having someone on the ground in China who can carry out quality control using the sample as a benchmark.  Even if you receive a good sample from an online directory, your order may be placed with a cheaper manufacturer to improve the sales person’s margin.  The new manufacturer will use cheaper materials or processes in order to meet that lower price and you end up with poor quality or defective products.  Many stories like this can be found online by people who thought they were dealing trust worthy suppliers online and ended up paying for it in the long run.


shutterstock_171413672If you find problems once you have received and paid for your product, then in most cases it is too late to do anything about it. Despite having a good relationship with your supplier, previous shipments of the same product or even have future orders in the pipeline, there isn’t much you can do about a container of poor quality product that is bought and paid for, apart from dispose of it . This is why you have to carry out quality control with each and every order -before, during and after manufacture. Otherwise you will find that materials may be swapped for cheaper alternatives or even something as simple as the wrong colour being used throughout the whole run.  Therefore using a company like MyShipper with people on the ground, who can carry out quality control in person, could be the difference between a successful business investment and a catastrophic waste of money.



We have people on the ground who can oversee the quality of materials and spot problems before they occur.

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If you don’t have someone overseeing quality control, you may end up with inferior products coming off the production line.


We ensure that the samples you receive come from the production line and are not hand made or come from another factory.

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If you may receive a sample which doesn’t reflect a batch coming from the production line and you may end up with inferior products.


We hold the factory accountable to ensure that the quality of the product matches your original sample.

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Cheaper materials may be used during production to cut corners, which you may only notice once you receive the goods.

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