Businesses that Import from China can save around 30-50% from local suppliers.  If you are already sourcing a product locally that is actually made in China, why not import from China?  Ultimately if you import from China you can reduce your overheads and it will enable you to offer lower prices to your clients, which will increase your output and in turn, your profit.  This is the main reason so many large companies manufacture & import from China, which often leaves smaller companies unable to compete in the market place.  In fact many products and materials that are bought and sold by local wholesalers are actually made in China, so it makes sense to cut costs and buy direct and import from China.  MyShipper gives small and medium sized businesses access to the same manufacturers used by large companies and can help you import from China at low cost.  If you are ordering products or materials in bulk, speak to one of our agents today to see how we can help you import from China.


Importing from China can be a daunting and expensive task, especially if you try to do it alone.  Many in experienced importers use online directories, which comes with some difficulties and can often lead to all sorts of problems.  For example, you don’t know for sure who you are buying from as they could be a trading company instead of a manufacturer, which are two very different things.  If you aren’t dealing with a manufacturer then you also don’t know where your products are actually being made and therefore, you can’t guarantee that your product is being made by a reliable manufacturer.  It is also very tempting to go for a what seems like a good online deal, however the price can have a big impact on the quality of product that you receive.  Even if you receive a sample that is of good quality, that doesn’t guarantee that the bulk order of product will also match it, as trading companies may buy from another supplier to increase their own margin. It is therefore important to use a company with people on the ground in China, who can carry out quality control before, during and after production, before they are dispatched. 


Every business has different budgets, price targets and expectations, however it is only cheaper to import from China if you order in bulk.  This is because the price always depends on the number of units required and additional costs such as shipping are always cheaper as a cost per unit, with a larger number of units.  Whatever product you are looking for, MyShipper has a  large network of manufacturers and our own warehouse in China, from which wee we distribute your products using our trusted shipping partners, to help you successfully import from China.


If you are looking to import from China, it is important to know where your products are being made and the only way to know for sure, is to visit a manufacturer in person.  Only then can you actually see the materials used, the manufacturing process itself and the finished product, before you place an order.  Finding a manufacturer in China is not easy, many are located in remote areas and road signs are not written in English.  MyShipper has multilingual staff on the ground in China, who can visit manufacturers on your behalf, ask the right questions and send you photos, videos and Skype you from the factory floor.



We give you access to our network of manufacturers that produce products to EU standards.

Buying Online

You may come across problems when dealing with online directories or when trying to import from China by yourself.


We’ll send you a customised sample so you can see the quality of your products, before you place an order

Buying Online

If you’ve ordered online, there’s no way for you to guarantee that the product matches the sample until it arrives.


We ensure that the product matches the sample and carry out a final product inspection before your product leaves the factory floor.

Buying Online

If your product arrives and doesn’t meet your requirements, then some or all of the product may need to be scrapped.

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