When goods arrive into port they have to go through a customs clearance process in which they are registered and a duty is levied against them according to their value.  For this process to happen, there are various forms and documents that need to be completed for the shipping company, customs officials and handling agents.  MyShipper ensures that all the relevant forms are filled out correctly to ensure that your goods are cleared by customs in order for them to leave port and go on to their final destination.


Port authorities require customs clearance for all cargo imported into the country. This involves declaring and registering the goods on which a duty and any applicable taxes are levied against the goods. The ‘import customs clearance’ is the term given to the process of preparing and submitting the required documents and declarations to the customs authorities. This is not the same as customs duty, which is the duty levied on the goods imported.


All imported goods and their values must be declared by law to the importing country’s customs office. If an item is inaccurately described or an incorrect value is stated, customs authorities may impose penalties or in serious cases criminal proceedings. As the importer, you have to comply and adhere to the regulations to ensure that correct information is given to officials. MyShipper ensures that all of your paperwork is correct and that the relevant information is given to ensure that your goods are cleared by customs. We will also calculate the duty levied against your goods according their tariff classification and their value according to the manufacturers invoice, as well as the amount of tax, which is added to all goods that are imported where applicable.



We fill out the relevant forms with the correct information to ensure that your goods are cleared by customs.

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You may not complete the correct paperwork that could result in fines or your goods not being cleared by customs.


We calculate the correct amount of duty and tax to be paid on your goods so that you are aware of the costs.

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If you aren’t familiar with tariff classifications, import taxes or exemptions you may not pay the correct amount of tax.


We ensure your shipping documents contain the relevant information so they are not delayed, quarantined or seized by customs.

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If you are unfamiliar with shipping documents you may provide inaccurate information, which could delay or quarantine your goods.

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