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What happens after you contact us?  Once we receive your enquiry, a member of the team will be in touch to discuss the product that you are looking to import.  You can tell us about any specifications or customisations that you are looking for and we will give you an indication of price.  We will be able to answer any of your questions and tell you how our process works, including our quality control process.  We will then put you through to a member of the team in China, who will arrange a sample to be sent out to you along with a landed quote.

We highly recommend getting a sample of the product, so that you can approve the quality and ensure it meets your requirements before you place an order.  Once you place an order, we will manage the whole process for you, including quality control with a final product inspection to check for any minor defects, before the product leaves the factory floor.  We will also arrange door to door shipping and complete all the relevant paperwork so that it clears through customs and will let you know when your product is due to arrive.

You’ll be assigned a member of the team so that you can contact us throughout the process with any questions and we will keep up to date and even call you from the factory floor.

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